BFF Books

Wish you could be with that special group, celebrity, or in a special wild place? With BFF Books you can put yourself in a book with country music stars, celebrities, or African wildlife. Even better, you can make a book for a friend who would like to be there. All you need is a photo and a name... preview the book online, place your order, and a beautiful hardcover book will be mailed to you or to your friend.

BFF Books creates uniquely customized photo books where your image is cleverly inserted into scenes. Fans of music groups have enjoyed photos of themselves seemingly right next to band members. Another book put enthusiasts in the White House next to the President at the time.

Because each copy must be separately published, they take several weeks to produce. Costs are similar to other quality case-bound books, plus there is a set-up fee for new books.

If you have a fan or customer base and want something unique to wow them, please contact us at

BFF Books

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